WICCA Apprenticeship Annual Fee
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WICCA Apprenticeship Annual Fee

Celtic High Priest/ High Priesstess Training (WICCA) Apprenticeship: FOR ENGLISH SPEAKING STUDENTS!

This on-line study program is offered for everyone and it is an important supplement to Celtic High Priest / High Priestess training. Online classes are offered 8 times per year in 3 hour lessons specific to the practice of Celtic Shamanism (WICCA) as a High Priest or High Priestess leading a lodge.

It includes information for Sabbats, Esbats, recipes, crafts, and much more! Detailed instruction for groups as well as solitary practioners, are included. As an added bonuse this program includes the work of the Sisterhood of the shields and specific Shamanic teachings.
The elearning programs take place on a flexible schedule to preceed each of the Sabbats. Each lesson is self contained so you can begin at any time! Our Webinars are available for download so you may learn at your convenience. Mentoring is included via email.
The program may be paid for monthly or in a single annual fee. 

Copyright & Terms of Use

All manuals and materials from Seminars as well as Webinar Recordings  are copyrighted and may not be resold, shared, or given away without written permission. It is our responsibility to inform you that any misuse and abuse of  Spiritual Mystery Schools, 7th Ray Mystery Schools, or Triolite materials may have negative consequences.  Copyright laws as well as divine laws are in effect. We ask that you respect our copyright materials.

The manuals/ materials are spiritual materials. It takes tremendous preparation and spiritual evolution to use the materials for teaching. If you are not an authorized instructor or coordinator you may have a negative impact using the materials for teaching, when you have not been authorized to do so. The ramifications for you, your family, relatives, and ancestors could be tremendous. It is our responsibility to share this with you...............the choice is yours!

Webinar recordings are owned by Triolite, Inc.  When you purchase a program of instruction  taught by Webinar DVD Technology  you are authorized   to personally use  the webinar  and materials.  You are not legally authorized to share, lend, sell, or give this course of study to another person.   

Unless you have written permission from Triolite, Inc. in the form of a Copyright Release you may not use these materials to teach your own programs. 


 Thank you for respecting our copyright.


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