Elemental Alchemy Written Study Program
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Elemental Alchemy Written Study Program
Written Study Program: The essence of power and manifestation is your ability to work with the elements. Master this skill through the teachings of Elemental Magick. Each day focuses on an element and methods of working with the power of that element. This program is an experiential study program. A manual and recipes are included - it is up to you to gather the materials and work with the Elemental Alchemy Processes to master them. You may qualify for Wicca 1-13 Initiations with this study program. To do so, you must complete Preparation Day for the Wicca Initiation Program. Preparation Day includes Spells and Charms as well as setting the temple and other training. RMMS Mystery School Initiation is not required. For Initiates, this program is highly recommended as a training for Temple work. This program "hands down" skills and techniques for your own practice and teaching.