Elemental Alchemy Written Study Program(元素煉
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Elemental Alchemy Written Study Program(元素煉

Written Study Program: The essence of power and manifestation is your ability to work with the elements. Master this skill through the teachings of Elemental Magick. 線上研習課程: 彰顯與力量的要素是你使用四元素的能力.透過元素魔法的教導來精通 這個技術. Each day focuses on an element and methods of working with the power of that element. This program is an experiential study program. A manual and recipes are included - it is up to you to gather the materials and work with the Elemental Alchemy Processes to master them. 每一天專注在一個元素和應用元素力量的方法上.這個課程是一個經驗學習的課程.課程 包括了一份講義和許多配方-那是取決於你,由收集講義並且掌握元素煉金術的過程來精 通它. You may qualify for Wicca 1-13 Initiations with this study program. To do so, you must complete Preparation Day for the Wicca Initiation Program. Preparation Day includes Spells and Charms as well as setting the temple and other training. RMMS Mystery School Initiation is not required. For Initiates, this program is highly recommended as a training for Temple work. This program "hands down" skills and techniques for your own practice and teaching. 你也許能從這個學習課程達到WICCA 1-13級啟動的資格.要如此,你必須為了WICCA啟動 專案完成Preparation Day(準備日).準備日包括咒語和魔咒同時還有架設寺廟和其它訓 練.RMMS神學校的啟動並不需要.對啟動而言,這課程強烈建議接受寺廟工作的訓練.這課 程會為你個人的實用與教學而傳下多種技能與技術.