WICCA Study Guides Annual Fee- Chinese Language
WICCA Study Guides Annual Fee- Chinese Language Zoom In
WICCA Study Guides Annual Fee- Chinese Language
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Celtic High Priest/ High Priesstess Training (WICCA) Apprenticeship: FOR ENGLISH SPEAKING STUDENTS!

This on-line study program is offered for everyone and it is an important supplement to Celtic High Priest / High Priestess training. Online classes are offered 8 times per year in 3 hour lessons specific to the practice of Celtic Shamanism (WICCA) as a High Priest or High Priestess leading a lodge.

It includes information for Sabbats, Esbats, recipes, crafts, and much more! Detailed instruction for groups as well as solitary practioners, are included. As an added bonuse this program includes the work of the Sisterhood of the shields and specific Shamanic teachings.
The elearning programs take place on a flexible schedule to preceed each of the Sabbats. Each lesson is self contained so you can begin at any time! Our Webinars are available for download so you may learn at your convenience. Mentoring is included via email.
The program may be paid for monthly or in a single annual fee. The monthly fee is $90
Contact Jerri or Steve at 866-570-7036 for imformation or email steve@triolite.com jerri@triolite.com . You can reach Laurie Gudnason at laurie@triolite.com for questions about the program.

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