DNA Reading: In Person
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DNA Reading: In Person

THE KEY TO YOUR BEING:  The Metatron DNA Reading.  

This 60 - 90 minute private session with Laurie, Metatron, and Angel Marabiel mediating Metatron is the same as the Metatron DNA Readings that have always been so popular. These are the readings inspired DNA Activation and Reading Training Programs! This reading and energy balancing session is the same as those DNA Readings Laurie offers in Japan.

This reading is an Oracle reading and only one per lifetime is permitted. The Angel Marabiel serves directly under Metatron and has taken over the responsibility for the channeling offered through the "Office of the Metatron". There is no difference in the energy or the vibration. The information is clear and extremely transformative.
The reading is set up to answer your questions. If you can ask the question, you are ready for the answers. A DNA reading of the 11th Codon can answer many kinds of questions. Common ones are "What is my purpose for this life?" "What is my divine lineage on the 12 physical dimensions of Earth? (Another way to phrase this is: What aspects of the formula of the Tetragrammaton relate to my Soul, expressed through the vehicle of my body in this lifetime?)" "What past lives or emmanations of Spirit are pertinent to this lifetime?" "What is my soul color, root race, and how does that impact my purpose" "what is my relationship contract with _____?" Many other questions can be answered with the detailed information contained in the DNA Codon.

Call for details. In Person Appointments are Available in the USA in February 2013.   Sessions are 60 - 90 minutes in length.


Pay online noting a contact phone in the messages line. I will call you back to schedule your reading. I look forward to serving you!