AWMP Incarnation Reading with Laurie Gudnason
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AWMP Incarnation Reading with Laurie Gudnason
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Ancient Ways Modern Powers® This 60 minute session offers answers and advice to support your evolution in this physical life. 

This Laurie uses your birth name, place, date, and (if possible) time of birth to prepare for your reading. From this information Laurie will set up and evaluate your Astrology Birth Chart, Create Your Incarnation Chart, and Consult with and prepare a Personal Angels Report for you to keep.

Your Incarnation Chart is derived from your astrology chart and utilizes the Major Arcana of the Tarot to Define6 critical points of Your Life Hexagram. These Are: The Key of your Higher Self, the Key of your personality, your Key that defines your problem to solve in this life, the Key that provides the solution to the problem, the Key to path of empowerment, and the Key defining your path of integration and balance in this life.

This session includes specific guidance from your Personal Angels. These beings connect with you at the time of birth and stay with you for your entire life. Your Heart Angel keeps you connected to the LOVE of the Divine. Your Soul Angel administers your contract with GOD. Your Intellect Angel keeps you connected to the Universal Mind and acts as a Muse or source of Inspiration. Your Life Path Archangel (requires your exact time of birth) determines your direction in life. This Archangel may be different than your Lineage 11 Dimensional Self, and this divine being has many skills to offer in solving your problems in life. After this reading you will be able to connect to your personal angels at any time. This Gift of divine connection sets up a source of support in life! - no matter what!

Laurie will explain this information and using your "DIVINE RESOURCES" coach you toward solutions and success.