Elemental Tablets
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Elemental Tablets

These tablets are used to create sacred space and will sanctify any room or building as a "temple". If you place these on the four walls of your temple, healing space, meditation room, or entire home you will create a space of peace, quiet, safety filled with divine energy.
Each of the 4 elemental tablets goes on one wall marking the compass points. It does not matter which one you place where. The tablets should be placed as high as possible on the wall. One set can protect a single room or an entire office/home. Just place one tablet on the wall in 4 different rooms, on the top floor of the building, to mark the 4 compass points. The Lettered Magick Square which is called the Tablet of Union goes on your altar or on any wall with one of the elemental tablets. The tablets do not have to show, you can place them behind furniture. It is that easy! (br> Channel, meditate, and sleep in peace!